What is the RJC

The Restorative Justice Centre is an NPO based in the heart of Pretoria. The Restorative Justice Centre’s main focus is promoting restorative justice practices as a means to peacebuilding and the constructive resolution of conflict. Restorative Justice Centre is a pioneer in the restorative justice sector and an important provider of restorative justice services in South Africa.

Restorative justice is an approach to justice that promotes constructive resolution and outcomes in situations of conflict, harm and violence. Since 2001 we have assisted over 4000 victims of crime and abuse, and 12 000 child and adult offenders by implementing our specially developed programmes, including mediation.

Restorative Justice Centre has a particular focus on the concept and understanding of restorative justice in the South African context as we envision a peaceful society in which communities can flourish. Our approach to restorative justice can be applied in various contexts including families, schools, and work environments and in communities.

The Restorative Justice Centre approach is inspired by a unique blend of perspectives from the Christian tradition and academic disciplines, as well as developments in the fields of conflict transformation, peace studies and criminology. This blend shapes our unique identity as a professional faith based organisation.