Every issue of critical importance requires organisations to passionately champion its cause in order to bring about social and legislative change: whether it's saving rhinos or supplying ARV's to HIV patients. RJ is an essential ingredient to turning the tide of crime in SA. Without it we face fuller prisons, and victims living in fear and pain. RJC's work over the past 10 years has raised RJ to the national agenda and we will continue to advocate the use of the processes on all fronts

Since 2001, the Restorative Justice Centre has influenced various policies in key areas including:

  • The Department of Justice’s manual on community courts;
  • The definition of restorative justice in the Child Justice Act, 2008;
  • The National Policy Framework on Restorative Justice; and
  • 5 superior court judgements dealing with restorative justice, being quoted in the judgement or being a friend of the court.

Despite generally having a very positive policy and jurisprudence eminent, the level of actual implementation of RESTORATIVE JUSTICE is currently lower than it was 10 years ago.

This situation calls for new levels of collaboration and strategic leadership at all levels by everyone who believes in the value of RESTORATIVE JUSTICE. Some of the key steps RESTORATIVE JUSTICE is calling for are:

  • Finalization of the National Policy Framework on Restorative Justice by the Department of Justice
  • Development of strategy and implementation plan to ensure systematic implementation supported at the highest levels
  • Financial resourcing of the plan