RJ in the workpace

It is a fact of life that when people work together there are going to be conflicts—both minor and serious. Workplace mediation is an informal process which is designed to bring together those most affected by harmful and destructive behaviour (conflict) in the workplace. Convened by trainedfacilitators/mediators, the process seeks to transform dysfunctional conflict in the workplace to more positive relationships and provides long term solutions to relationship difficulties. The process helps to create a safe space for dialogue and aims to make perceived wrongs right. Healthy workplace relationships are vital to job satisfaction and productivity. In fact, research from the Harvard Negotiation Project suggests that competitive advantage depends on being able to manage conflict well


Interpersonal conflict (conflict between individuals, groups and teams., This includesincluding bullying, harassment and discrimination)

Ideally early in the conflict before formal action is taken

Affected parties are looking for a different option or approach in dealing with conflict

Workplace mediation can be used in conjunction with disciplinary hearings, either as an alternative or as a means of generating outcomes, and with the intention of seeking a satisfactory outcome for all parties


It’s quick ( a matter of days), compared to formal process that can take 12-24months or even longer

A positive way of managing workplace conflict

Restores relationships at work as it addresses harms, negative feelings, negative attitudes and negative behaviour

Prevents conflict escalating into a dispute

Resolves conflict and disputes escalating into more formal processes such as hearings or referral to the CCMA

Supports line management, HR and shop stewards

Saves actual and associated costs