How can i get involved?

Become a member of RJC or a volunteered facilitator in our Sycamore Tree Project. The RJC welcomes your involvement. There are various way you can get involved. The first option is to donate to the RJC's cause. It is a quick and easy process. You can make a donation or you can become a member of RJC or a volunteered facilitator in our Sycamore Tree Project.

There are several ways you can get involved:

Become a member of the Restorative Justice Centre. Being a member entitles you to:

  • A tutorial which will better position you to advocate on behalf of The Restorative Justice centre and restorative justice.
  • Newsletters and reports throughout the year so that you stay abreast of the means by which Restorative Justice Centre personnel are bringing about transformation.

As a member we ask that you also invest yourself and your resources in the partnership by pledging annually to:

  • Contribute R600 toward The Restorative Justice centre finances, which are reviewed each year by an independent auditing firm.
  • Attend the annual The Restorative Justice centre banquet, where great food and inspiring stories will make the event a night to remember.
  • Invite an The Restorative Justice centre staff member to support you in any crisis you encounter personally or professionally that would benefit from their expertise in mediation
  • advocate for greater use of The Restorative Justice centre, conflict transformation and peacebuilding in your own circles of influence and on social media