A new season for the restorative justice centre as lotteries grant is authorised


The RJC is delighted to announce that a proposal that was submitted to the Charities Board of the National Lotteries Commission in December 2012 has finally been approved and authorised for immediate implementation.
This grant will enable the RJC to open a new office and appoint 3 part-time staff members. The project will focus on the following:
Sycamore Tree project This project is based on the Biblical story of Jesus and Zacchaeus the tax collector who agreed to repay people he had cheated. The project raises awareness of the principles of accepting responsibility, confession and repentance, making amends and forgiveness among people in prison. STP is a project of Prison Fellowship International and is being implemented in partnership with Prison Fellowship SA.
The project will be implemented in 4 sites

Advocacy and public awareness.
This will include:
• Increased communication
• Lobbying for increased implementation of restorative justice
• Positioning the RJC to demonstrate the relevance of RJ to the issues South Arica is currently facing.
• Enhancing our training offering

At this time of violence at multiple levels in our country, the RJC is convinced that we need to understand restorative justice as part of conflict transformation, peacebuilding and transformative mediation, a constructive way of holding people accountable. Viewed this way, RJ has much to offer South Africa at the present time and we look forward to being able to promote it more actively in the coming months. We hold fast to our vision of a peaceful society in which communities value peacebuilding and the constructive resolution of conflict, and where people care about one another, fostering individual and social well-being.